Getting to “Yes”. Selling in the health care market space is tougher than ever.
Matrix organizations; layers of decision makers; institutional “information gatherers”; all conspire to waste your precious financial and executive resources. Ironically, many purchasers in health care would welcome a trusted resource who can introduce vetted products, services or ideas to their organizations. Via our sales and distribution product, Propel, Agilence Health Advisors leverages years of painstakingly developed relationships with middle and senior decision makers in health care to introduce sellers to purchasers. Agilence believes that our ability to drive revenue and to establish and build customer relationships is one of the most significant and valuable performance acceleration services. We created Propel to assist clients drive profitable top-line revenue growth.

Established Enterprises.
Well established health care organizations retain Agilence to expand distribution lines, introduce new products or services, and close strategic sales.

New Ventures.
Early stage ventures require a delicate balancing act of competing priorities. Priority one is proof of concept – before the financing runs dry! New ventures enjoy built-in distribution capabilities through Agilence, with low cost of sales. Agilence arranges pilot programs to prove your technology, product or service. In addition, Agilence builds sales capabilities via third-party distribution arrangements.

Product and service sales
Joint venture development and implementation
Interim talent, on-demand
Business process outsourcing