Private Equity/Venture Capital Portfolios

Faster. Stronger. Better. Our private equity and venture capital practice is built around a single premise: We exist to help you propel your portfolio companies forward. We work as an extension of you, aligning our incentives and objectives—short term and long term—with yours. We conducted research, as well as reviewed syndicated research, on early stage companies in health care to gain an understanding of why some were spectacular failures and why others were, well, simply spectacular. Although the reasons for failure were myriad, either from a single, crucial breakdown or compound failures—the underpinnings of success did indeed have common themes:

• Smart, flexible management
• Just in time capital—not too much, not too little
• A sense of mission and urgency
• Simple product idea (even if complex!)
• Early, enthusiastic adopters
• Realistic price:value ratio

In thinking about those common elements our management team coalesced around the idea of improving the batting average of our capital clients by providing an expert resource to their portfolio companies. To advance those destined for success, AND to turnaround distressed portfolio companies.

Agilence has developed a group of services to help propel early stage ventures. In addition, we have resources designed to propel ventures that have reached escape velocity with the inevitable growing pains as those ventures scale.
Agilence provides ventures with the following:

• Resources to distribute products and services
• Just-in-time permanent and interim management talent
• Create/manage pilot program relationships
• Build board/trustee expertise
• Executive coaching
• Business plan review and market reality check