For years, managers have said, “people are our greatest asset.” It's become a trite, overused mantra.

Meanwhile, few companies have turned this belief into action and actively pursued directed strategies organized around recruiting the truly best talent. We find this curious because it is well known that organizations achieving excellence in this endeavor consistently rank among the top performers in their business categories.

In today’s environment, more and more organizations are realizing that the only truly sustainable competitive advantage is highly talented and motivated people. Unfortunately, this has caused high quality talent to be in short supply, particularly in health care. Therefore, the competition among health care organizations to recruit the best talent is fierce.

Convincing the very best to join your company is one of your business’ greatest challenges. Recruiting the best involves a well-orchestrated process, perfect-pitch communication and highly developed assessment tools. Enter Periscope from Agilence, developed to win the war for talent.

Periscope enables our clients to secure the most desirable—but elusive—executives, providing your organization with the mission-critical skills you need to fuel high performance. Periscope is the exclusive Agilence model for executive search and long-term talent acquisition initiatives. Periscope enables Agilence to deliver, virtually on-demand:

Top management
Financial executives
Business development and sales channel professionals
Director, trustee and advisory talent
Technology executives
Clinical professionals
Core business support executives

Many executives point to the expense of quality talent recruiting and also wish to avoid the inevitable “problems” and perceived inequities introduced by recruiting the best talent into their organizations. To be fair, great talent comes at a premium. And there's no doubt that quality-driven recruiting initiatives could upset the applecart. But one fact is indisputable: organizations with long-term strategies to successfully pursue and retain the best talent are always the top performers in their sectors.

Performance reality check: ask yourself if you can honestly say your organization institutionally, instinctively, ruthlessly, pursues the best. Unless your answer is an unqualified “YES”, call Agilence.