James Bode

Jim Bode has over 15 years of leadership experience in investment research, and has been a steady force in the distribution of research content for the investment banking community. With his guidance, research departments across the globe have been able to distribute their reports and data directly to the buy-side asset management/hedge fund market in real-time, where it is a critical ingredient in developing investment strategies. Additionally, Jim has helped create a secondary market for investment research by selling for it hard dollars on an embargoed basis to the financial and professional service communities as a research tool. Investment research is a cornerstone of several Thomson Financial products that are utilized by thousands of professional money managers, investment bankers and corporate executives on a daily basis.

Jim’s career also includes direct selling experience for Thomson Financial, Occidental Petroleum’s Parker Chemical Division, and Dow Chemical. In his most recent sales position, he managed the global, multi-million dollar Goldman Sachs account for Thomson Financial. Goldman Sachs currently purchases hundreds of databases and real-time exchange feeds for thousands of their employees around the globe.

Jim’s exceptional track record of business development is based on his philosophy of building a relationship with the client and solving problems. With a personal ethos of “make the client look good in their bosses eyes,” Jim has successfully developed loyal customers by understanding their needs and pain points, and then developing effective solutions.

Jim received his MA degree in Management from Georgetown University and BS degrees in Agricultural Economics and Poultry Science from Michigan State University. He is very active in his community, serving as a volunteer member of the Plandome Fire Department, an Assistant Scout Master for his local Boy Scout Troop, in his youth Jim earned his Eagle Badge, and he is a long time member of the National Ski Patrol. Skiing is Jim’s favorite pastime and one that he enjoys often with his wife and son.