Academic Medical Centers & Community Hospitals

Any discussion with a hospital or nursing home facility executive will inevitably yield the phrase “caught between a rock and a hard place”. Practicing physicians certainly share in the same lament. Indeed, the caregiver world is besieged by rapidly escalating operating costs and static, or declining, reimbursement. This phenomenon is coupled with an explosion of expensive technologies, which, while certainly producing breathtaking advances in care, are often prohibitively expensive. These factors combine to create the most difficult operating environment for caregivers in modern history.

Over the past decade, hospitals and nursing homes have aggressively cut expenses to a point where many administrators fear increased errors and quality declines. To date, many administrators have, for the most part, implemented imaginative cost reduction strategies. And, Agilence believes that present and future technology innovations portend a greater ability to implement advances in administrative and clinical efficiencies. However, with the exception of several ingenious methodologies for revenue enhancement and re-capture through audits and financial algorithms, less imagination and concerted effort has been directed to accelerating top-line revenue growth.

Agilence believes the industry could use a healthy dose of innovation in this arena. The caregiver world has only begun to fully embrace and adopt top-line revenue growth approaches as the the best avenue to prsperityin a market-driven healthcare marketplace. Agilence Health Advisors has developed advanced, real world strategies to assist our physician practice, hospital and nursing home clients pursue an effective top-line revenue growth and operating effectiveness agenda. On point, Agilence has made significant investments in implementation resources to assist our clients effectively bring their strategies to fruition in the marketplace.

Staff and voluntary physician recruitment
Administration, clinical, & trustee recruitment
Insurance contracting & reimbursement methodologies
New product development
Joint venture development
• Consumer-driven development strategies and implementation